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Children are unique. They’re all different. Every child has their own personality and interests. They have strengths, but all kids face challenges, both big and small.

Not all children of the same age develop the same way or at the same pace. As parents, we have to adapt our expectations to our children and what they’re able to do.

If you expect your child to be polite and cheerful and always follow the rules. you’re bound to be disappointed and maybe even angry because kids don’t always do what they’re told. It’s inevitable. It’s in their nature!

Remember that no one’s perfect – neither your child nor you. So don’t be too hard on your child or yourself. You’re only human and so is your child.

Gradually, you’ll develop your own tricks and strategies. And, like all parents, you’ll need help from outside the family. That’s normal because, let’s face it, being a parent isn’t always easy. But no worries, parenting can be learned!

Easy to say but not always easy to do? A little help could be useful?
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