Participation by both parents isn’t required, but it’s encouraged whenever possible. Participating in the activities together has the advantage of allowing you to work as a team to improve the harmony within your family!
No. Anyone with children in their care can participate in the activities. Are you a grandparent? Or a foster parent? You’re welcome to join us!
To determine which activity is right for you, consult the section entitled “Assessing my needs” and choose the case-scenario that best matches your current family experience.
No, unfortunately not at the present time.
To get help, you can either contact your CLSC, consult the section entitled “Other resources” on our website, or call LigneParents at 1-800-361-5085 To find the CLSC nearest you, please consult the tool developed by the MSSS at: http://sante.gouv.qc.ca/repertoire-ressources/clsc/