Choosing an activity

Various activities, of interest to all parents, are provided free of charge near you.
To consult the activities schedule, select the activity that’s right for you and then choose the day, week, month and year that best matches your availability.

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What Are the Seminars?

There are three different seminars on themes of interest to all parents, provided free of charge near you:

1. The Power of Positive Parenting: What? Where? When? How?
2. The Power of Positive Parenting: Raising Confident, Competent Children
3. The Power of Positive Parenting: Managing your child’s Emotions

Why should I attend the seminar called “Positive Parenting Practices: Managing your child’s Emotions “?

• To get tips on how to help your child express and manage his emotions
• To learn how to develop your child’s capacity to adapt
• To get even more enjoyment out of being a parent!

How long do the seminars last?

The seminars last about 90 minutes each. There’s a period for questions at the end. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to – it’s up to you. There’s no homework. You’ll simply get some ideas you can try at home with your children!

To attend a seminar, just show up at the indicated place and time. You don’t need to reserve your spot, and you don’t have to attend all three seminars: you can attend just one or two.

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Please note that in the event of daytime school closures, all Triple P activities provided in the evening will automatically be cancelled.